Jante life ka sbse bda funda kya h…

It’ll never be, as it seems.Can’t say complicated but is similar to a spring.Dur se dekhoge to koi choti si cheez h.. simple si…but jitna kareeb s usko janne ki koshish kroge utna hi confuse hote chle jaoge that what it is?????????????

Jse ki ye buildings ….actually the view is awesome ,attractive,seems soothing to eyes but when you go inside it’ll have various floors,further various rooms even in a single rooms various cabins might be be their.And what if someone asked you to go to somewhere like 15th floor ,room no.8,cabin no.19..and it is really urgent then what be your reaction ……….I know now nothing called soothing will come to your mind….You will go their and I’m sure about that..

This is just a view of what is life…similarly when you are kid everything seems very simple but slowly and gradually you realize that it is not so simple…….


Kho jana aasan h… khudko pana usse bh aasan h…. try to kro mere yarr…

You know what life me complexity ke chakkar log itne phas gye hai k wo bhul jate hain…”ghane jangal se bh bhar ane ka ek rasta hota hai,,,,kahin na river k sath chalo ya phr kuch footprints k sath…”pr hm to idiot hain idiocity kse bhul skte h…

Just follow whatever your heart says without consider its pros and cons…but this doesnt means any bullshit should have a sense.DO WHATEVER YOU WISH BUT IT SHOULD NOT HEART OTHERS WISHES…coz we are humans so NEVER EVER FORGET HUMANITY AND YOURSELF..

Follow your heart………I promise you’ll never ever have a single tear in your eyes..Follow yourself………..♥♥♥